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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Testimonials

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Crystal Badgley
Crystal Badgley
01:17 24 Jul 20
For anyone struggling with addiction, or for friends/family who are worried about a loved one who is struggling, please strongly consider reaching out to... Pacific Interventions. If it weren't for Jeff and his incredible team, I would not be where I am today - and for that, I cannot express nearly enough gratitude. When I had my consultation with Jeff, I was completely falling apart mentally & physically - at my wit's end of struggling with addiction, and desperate for someone to help me. Jeff kindly took me under his wing and armed me with everything I needed to successfully beat this demon once and for all, and provided me the tools I need to ensure I never fall back into that terrifying, dark hole ever again. Today I am proud to say I am over 30 days sober. My health (physically and mentally) has improved substantially, my lifestyle is finally healthy and wholesome, and most importantly, I can eagerly look forward to the future with a genuine smile - something that I truly thought I could never achieve. Jeff's approach to helping his clients is truly above and beyond. He will take the time to get to know and understand you before constructing an individual plan based on his clients' needs, fears, challenges and goals - there is no 'copy/paste plan', as they respect that everyone is different and therefore require different strategies; there simply is no 'one size fits all'. He is an extremely humble, compassionate and empowering counselor with a heart of pure gold. His number one goal is to witness the progress in his clients, observe as they learn and grow, and to see them graduate the program finally free from addiction, happy, successful & thriving in their sobriety. Jeff constantly challenged me to be the best version of myself that I could be. He would encourage and reassure me that I CAN when I found myself stuck wrongly thinking that I CAN'T. He boosted my confidence and self-esteem, restored my self-worth, helped to change my way of thinking from negative to positive, provided exceptional support through every obstacle, and helped me to finally find my own strength and faith in my recovery. Pacific Interventions not only changed my life, but saved my life. I can now wake up excited for the days, months and many years ahead of me, and experience life in ways I never could before - and finally wholeheartedly enjoy it, as well. Thank you Jeff, I am forever grateful that I found you and Pacific Interventions.And for those who are thinking about getting help, you deserve the best treatment and support. I highly recommend considering Pacific more
Tanya Lonsdale
Tanya Lonsdale
23:13 21 Feb 20
Had an amazing experience with Pacific Interventions, Very knowledgeable, felt safe and secure with the service provided. Highly recommended! Very grateful.
Robyn Lorene
Robyn Lorene
23:27 06 Jan 20
Myself, and the person in my life requiring the services of Jeff at Pacific Intervention and Recovery are very thankful for the level of anonymity during this... time. Being professional, maintaining a level of anonymity was of the upmost importance, and Jeff was very respectful of this. Jeff was very welcoming, encouraging, and extremely helpful in all levels of achieving sobriety, along with moving forward happily, and healthy. We cannot thank him enough. We had tried everything, and been to every place for REAL help, and by FAR Pacific Intervention was the best. Not only did he absolutely help us through the recovery process, but he made it comfortable, and gave us an understanding of it as well. Would highly recommend!read more
Dalles walkker
Dalles walkker
00:02 28 Dec 19
We are very appreciative for the thoughtful and professional service we recieved. We had no idea what to do about our son's alcohol problem. We were walked... through the whole process, and I'm happy to report our son is doing very well. We definitely recommend this more
Taylor Bonney
Taylor Bonney
19:37 04 Oct 19
How can I thank them enough?My struggles with addiction brought me to two different treatment centres seeking help. At these world-renowned facilities I felt... like I was a square peg trying to be fit into a round hole. Their approach just didnt match with me. I felt like I didn't matter, and I was not able to build the trust and support I needed to recover. When I first spoke with Jeff at Pacific Interventions I knew I had stumbled across something different. They made their treatment approach fit for me. Their expertise coupled with a individualized approach made the difference for me. I felt like I mattered and that I was a priority for them. This was the first time in my life that I felt like I had value, and now I truly feel that way about myself. No longer do I feel worthless and alone. Today I am clean, I have a great job and I am reunited with my family. These are all very important things, but equally important is how I feel about myself. I have self-esteem, self-worth and I live with integrity. I am a completely new person.The fact is I can't thank Pacific Intervention enough for what they have helped me to more
Jodie Gruninger
Jodie Gruninger
22:44 13 Sep 19
I am writing this review on behalf of our entire family. When our son came to us and said he had a drug problem, we were horrified. We quickly started looking... for services to help. We called a number of places with very limited satisfaction. No one was explaining to us what was going on with our son, they only seemed interested in taking our money. That was until we spoke to Jeff at Pacific Interventions. He took the time to explain addiction, current treatment approaches, recovery, and how we could help. Our son ended up attending the 6 week outpatient program with Pacific Interventions. He graduated the program and is currently taking part in their aftercare program. Our son is back to the person we thought we had lost. He has confidence, self-esteem and our relationships with him are all much improved. Our family participated in the family program which offered us real solutions to broken trust, conflicts, and ways to help build our son up and support his recovery.We are all extremely grateful for the help of the entire team at Pacific Interventions for following through on what they said they would do, and helping our family more
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Written Testimonials

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff when I was a patient and he was a my counselor in treatment . He is is easy to talk to and understood well where I was coming from. Jeff helped me see a way out and guided me towards it. Today I am a 1 year clean and sober and many thanks to Jeff for playing a large part in my recovery still today. Great guy and great counselor I highly recommend.

G. Fisher

Working through mindful emotional and perspective balances with the compassionate and skilled Pacific Interventions team has been one of life’s greatest blessings. Amid often unexpected mid-life intensities, fast pacings, and so very many challenges to cope with that are outside our control, one’s spirit may be pressed to and past breaking points of anxieties and despondency. Broken of spirit. Alcohol offered short respites. Until it became a constant companion and fueled internal mid-life miseries and despair that rippled out to those close and concerned. Pacific Interventions provide the tailored and talented touch to reclaim spirit and balance, with sobriety. Saving lives and bringing families, friends, and communities back together again. One client at a time. It works. Do it.

T. Prost

Had an amazing experience with Pacific Interventions. He really cares about the lives of people. He really believes in what he does, and his passion shows. He will go to the lengths for the families and help their suffering family members succeed. Very knowledgeable, felt safe and secure with the service provided. Highly recommended!

T. Lonsdale


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