Are you or a loved one suffering with drug or alcohol addiction?

We provide a full range of drug and alcohol addiction intervention and treatment services. Our proven evidence-based approaches create the best opportunity for you or your loved one to overcome the devastating effects of addiction.

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drug and alcohol addiction intervention with family
Family gently prompting a loved one to enter an addiction intervention treatment program


Recovery Begins Here

It is emotionally draining to watch a loved one struggle with addiction and not be able to do anything about it.

We have developed the most comprehensive intervention strategy, and we’re ready to help your family.

We utilize all the best intervention approaches and create a unique plan of action to solve your loved one’s specific alcohol or drug use challenges.

  • Explaining Addiction Disorder
  • Arranging Withdrawal Management
  • Intervention Planning Sessions
  • Arranging a Treatment Placement
  • Family Support and Counselling
  • Intervention Meeting with Identified Patient

drug & alcohol outpatient treatment program
Addiction clinician working with client in outpatient treatment program

Outpatient Treatment

Keep your life going

Going to an inpatient treatment centre is not always an option, especially when it’s impossible to put work or family responsibilities on hold.

We offer a specifically tailored and confidential outpatient treatment program to meet your needs.

Designed to make accessing treatment simple and convenient, our program provides the highest level of care wherever you are and on your time.

  • We bring treatment to you
  • Personalized Approach
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Flexible Schedule
  • All 1 on 1 clinical sessions
  • Addiction Doctor, Registered Clinical & Addiction Counsellors
  • Confidential and convenient
  • Remain at home and working/school

drug & alcohol Inpatient Addiction treatment group session
Group Inpatient Addiction treatment session

Inpatient Treatment

Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Building a solid recovery foundation and stabilizing your life often requires entering an inpatient addiction treatment centre.

The treatment facility you choose will make a big difference and play an important part in whether you have success or not.

Our intake addiction counsellor will provide you with all the necessary information so you can make a well-informed choice, and feel comfortable trusting us with your care.

  • Stable Safe Environment
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Group + 1 on 1 Counselling
  • Peer Support
  • Structured Daily Programs

drug & alcohol family treatment session
A woman expressing emotion during a private family counselling session

Private Family Program

A New Way Forward

A loved one with an addiction disorder disrupts the healthy balance in a family, and this disruption leads to substantial emotional distress.

To restore the family balance it is important to heal the difficult wounds that addiction has created.

Only then can we develop clarity of perspective and an understanding of the situation. The family program puts you in the best position to support your addicted loved one and your family.

We are ready to help provide you with:

  • Complete Understanding of Addiction Disorder
  • Unifying the Family
  • Functional Communication Tools & Strategies
  • Family Counselling
  • Creating Healthy & Supportive Boundaries
  • Restore Family Balance
  • Being Able to Support a Loved Ones Recovery

drug & alcohol aftercare treatment service worksheet
Individual completing aftercare goal list

Aftercare Services

Serious Work. Serious Relationship.

Once someone has completed an addiction treatment program and returns to their regular routine they are very vulnerable to relapse.

Statistics show that 85% of individuals leaving a treatment centre relapse with the first month. This is because once they leave the safe and protected environment of treatment they are without all their support systems.

Our aftercare programs ensure that there is ongoing support during this critical phase of reintegration.

  • Post-treatment 1 on 1 Support/Recovery Coaching
  • Ongoing Counselling
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Reintegrating at Home with Family
  • Developing Therapeutic Connections in Community i.e. Gym, Meeting, yoga etc.
  • Managing Triggers and Urges
  • Employment or Education Planning

Our Approach

Pacific Intervention and Recovery Solutions. We can Help.

We know how difficult it is to struggle with addiction and see no way out. The pain of addiction is all too real for those who are going through it and for those who are witnesses to it. Alcohol or drug addiction can take over an addicted person’s thinking, so much so, that the drug use seems necessary for their survival. This is a subconscious process so the addicted person is often completely unaware. This why the addicted person’s behavior can become so erratic. Moreover, addiction grips everyone in the family and holds them as emotional hostages. Therefore, getting the addicted person alcohol and drug addiction treatment as soon as possible will begin to provide relief for everyone involved. Substance use is a symptom of a deeper level of pain. These underlying causes must be addressed. Above all, the alcohol and drug addiction treatment program you choose will have a very big impact on their chances of recovery.

When you contact us for a phone consultation we will do our utmost to ensure you or your loved one gets the best help for their personal situation, even if it is not with us.

We believe strongly in doing the right thing. Pacific Interventions can provide you with a wealth of information and understanding during the consolation.

Recovery Begins Here

Hear success stories from some of our clients.

J. Takhar addiction treatment service client

Pacific Interventions offers addiction treatment and family care that is unprecedented. The team works in a fashion that gives clients the best possible outcome. This whole-family approach gives everyone the support, guidance and skills needed to move forward, both as individuals and as a unit. I am impressed with the thought put into aftercare and developing a plan that works for everyone. Well Done Pacific Interventions and Thank You.

J. Takhar
addiction intervention service client

Our family has struggled with addiction issues for a long time. We didn’t know what else we could do to help. We contacted Jeff at Pacific Interventions and their team helped us find a solution that we couldn’t find ourselves. I encourage you to reach out to Jeff and his team of experts to help find your solution.

J. Peacock
addiction treatment service client

The level of knowledge and compassion Jeff has for his clients is will most likely be unsurpassed by any. Through Jeff you’ll learn about how and why our brain does what it does and what steps to make yourself function without substance. Not just function, but thrive and you may even get some good laughs in. If you struggle through addiction like many. You owe it to yourself to give this guy a chance. Amazing individual. Can’t speak highly enough of him. Thanks for all your help.

P. Heynen


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