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Below is a complete list of our intervention and addiction treatment programs.

Pacific Interventions provides both alcohol and drug interventions and addiction treatment programs for people struggling with substance abuse. We specialize in CRAFT model interventions and private evidence-based addiction treatment. Our scientifically based approach to interventions and addiction treatment will create the best opportunity for you or your loved one to recover the devastating effects of alcohol or drug addiction.

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program drug and alcohol addiction interventionist with family
Family gently prompting a loved one to enter an addiction intervention treatment program

Intervention Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Pacific Interventions Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

It is incredibly scary and emotionally draining to watch a loved one struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction and feel like you’re not be able to do anything about it. So many families we talk to are at a loss for how to help their loved one stop the destructive pattern of alcoholism and drug abuse. In an effort to help you have tried everything you can think of, but the problems seem to be getting worse. However, there is a lot more that can be done to solve these situations.  Evidence based drug rehab is crucial when attempting to recover from substance abuse.  Drug addiction rehabilitation requires specific actions depending on the addicted persons situation.  Evidence based drug rehab is crucial when attempting to recover from substance abuse.  Drug addiction rehabilitation requires specific actions depending on the addicted persons situation.

Interventions are incredibly complex endeavors.  When attempting a drug intervention process, there are so many variables and dynamics that must be considered.  Therefore, we have created a comprehensive, proven, and effective intervention strategy. To empower families with the best chance at persuading the addicted individual into an addiction treatment program. Our intervention program will assist your family to understand and implement a proven psychologically based approach. With these effective tools in place your family will be equipped to finally prompt your loved one into a substance abuse recovery program. Verified Interventionists Info Here

Please keep in mind, there are many different drug and alcohol intervention approaches, but not all of them can be helpful in any given situation. That is why we utilize the best combination of approaches to address the unique crisis your family is dealing with.  Whether it is alcoholism or drug abuse you are dealing with, armed with these sound psychological intervention strategies we will create a specifically targeted plan of action to overcome your loved one’s resistance to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Strengths of program:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of the illness (patterns and symptoms)
  • Arranging drug and alcoholism withdrawal management support
  • Intervention planning sessions with family
  • Arranging a suitable placement in a substance abuse treatment program
  • Family support
  • Intervention meetings with addicted individual
  • Transportation

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program drug & alcohol outpatient treatment program
Addiction clinician working with client in outpatient treatment program

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Services

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program

Going to an inpatient treatment  center is not always an option, especially when it’s impossible for you to put work or family responsibilities on hold for weeks or even months while you’re away in treatment. However, not seeking treatment you risk losing your work and family to addiction. So, now what?

This is the reason we developed our outpatient treatment program . We wanted everyone suffering with this illness to have an opportunity to access quality addiction treatment services.

Designed to make accessing treatment simple and convenient. Pacific Interventions addiction treatment program provides the highest level of clinical care. Accessible wherever you are and on your time. This intensive outpatient program connects you with a skilled certified addiction counsellor, and all of your counselling sessions will be one-on-one. This is important to know because not everyone is comfortable in group therapy. With the one-on-one approach a safe and very private setting is created. This environment gives you a chance to open up without a group of other clients being present. In this setting the therapeutic value of each counselling session can be maximized to the fullest, and treatment outcomes are improved dramatically.

Strengths of program:

  • We can bring specific alcohol and drug treatment to you
  • Personalized drug and alcoholism solution focused approach
  • Withdrawal management
  • Flexible schedule
  • All 1 on 1 clinical sessions
  • Mutli-dimensional analysis
  • Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellors
  • Action-orientated psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic community support networks
  • Addiction medicine referrals
  • Confidential and convenient
  • Remain at home and working/school
  • Aftercare planning for all drug rehabilitation

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program drug & alcohol Inpatient Addiction treatment group session
Group Inpatient Addiction treatment session

Inpatient Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program

Stopping the cycle of substance use and physically stabilizing from drug and alcohol addiction often requires entering an inpatient addiction treatment center. Pacific Interventions addiction treatment program can be the way out of this cycle of hardship and pain.

Being well informed and choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center carefully will make a big difference and play a significant role in whether you are successful in recovery or not. Being in a treatment center is important but being in the right treatment center for you is even more important. There are many different treatment options available, 12 step based or evidence-based, smoking or non-smoking, programs with a large number of clients and programs with a small number of clients, gender specific or coed, single room or shared accommodations, to name a few. Understanding all of these option is incredibly important for deciding on the right treatment program for you.

In an effort to assist you in this decision making process we offer a free phone consultation. You will have an opportunity to speak directly with an addiction counsellor .  The addiction counsellor will be able to provide you with specific information related to your personal needs so you can feel comfortable making this important choice.

Strengths of program:

  • Stable safe environment
  • Withdrawal management
  • Group therapy
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Therapeutic community support networks
  • Action-orientated psychotherapy
  • Peer support
  • Structured daily programs
  • 24 hour a day staff

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program drug & alcohol family treatment session
A woman expressing emotion during a private family counselling session

Family Counselling

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program

You have come to the realization that your loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you want to know how best to support them and their recovery. Pacific Interventions family program provides you with the ability to support your addicted loved one’s recovery 100%, while at the same time making sure that you are supporting their addiction 0%. Now I want to be clear hear. This program is not about laying blame on the family for things that they have or haven’t done. It is quite the opposite in fact.

During the family program we will explore the dynamics of the relationship you have with the addicted individual. This exploration often reveals how some well-meaning efforts to help and support the addicted loved one have actually not helped at all. These well-meaning efforts can and do directly affect the bonds and connections you share with your loved one. Therefore, this program’s goal is to align your well-meaning intentions with more effective strategies and approaches. With these tools you will be able to strengthening the necessary bonds and connections with your loved one and other family members. The strength of these bonds and connections will play a very important role in your loved one’s recovery, so it is critical to have them as strong as possible.

You will hear experts say time and time again, “Addiction is a family disease”. In my experience this is absolutely true. Those who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will require immense support to overcome this life-threatening condition. Mom and dad, sister or brother, son or daughter, husband or wife will have the closest bonds and connections with the addicted person. Through the course of life and following the impact of addiction these connections are strained or even lost entirely. Strained relationship are one of the leading causes of stress, and stress in the leading cause of an alcohol or drug relapse. This is why it is of the utmost importance that these relationships be as balanced and supportive as possible. This program will help you to form close family relationships and allow everyone an opportunity to recover.

Strengths of program :

  • Complete understanding of addiction disorder
  • Address lingering emotional damage from addiction
  • Unifying the family
  • Functional communication tools & strategies
  • Family counselling
  • Creating healthy & supportive boundaries
  • Create family balance
  • Being able to support a loved ones recovery

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program drug & alcohol aftercare treatment service worksheet
Individual completing aftercare goal list

Aftercare Services

Pacific Interventions Addiction Treatment Program

Once someone has completed an addiction treatment program and returns to their regular home and routine they are very vulnerable to a relapse. Statistics show that 85% of individuals leaving a addiction treatment center relapse within the first month. This is because once the individual leaves the safety and security of the addiction treatment center they destabilize. Being stabilized in an addiction treatment center and being stabilized in the place you once used alcohol and drugs is two very different things.

In the addiction treatment program they were able to minimize the stresses from the outside world. The treatment environment is great for allowing them to focus solely on their recovery. This is known as being in the recovery “bubble”.  However, returning home they are immediately faced with all of the pressure and stresses of the outside world returning. All the things they haven’t had to deal with for weeks or months are now staring them directly in the face, work, school, domestic responsibilities, and unresolved conflicts in relationships to name a few of the stressors. In addition to these pressures they are often confronted by powerful alcohol and drug urges.  Drug and alcohol rehab really begins when the addicted person is back in the world.  Being back in the environment they use to use alcohol or drug can cause a phenomenon call “euphoric recall’. The euphoric recall can produce powerful and overwhelming cravings for substances. If this wasn’t already enough to deal with, they must now also create all their own recovery support mechanisms that were conveniently in place for them at the treatment center.

These are the reasons why a post-treatment aftercare program is so important. Our aftercare program ensure that there is ongoing counselling support during this critical phase of transition.

  • Post-treatment 1 on 1 support/Recovery Coaching
  • Ongoing counselling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Reintegrating at home and with family
  • Developing therapeutic connections in your community i.e. Gym, support groups, hobbies, etc.
  • Managing emotional triggers and alcohol or drug urges
  • Employment or education planning

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Our Approach to Interventions and Addiction Treatment

Pacific Intervention and Recovery Solutions. We can Help.

We know how difficult it is to struggle with alcohol or drug addiction and see no way out. The pain of addiction is all too real for those who are going through it and for those who are witnesses to it. Alcohol or drug addiction can take over an addicted person’s thinking, so much so, that the drug use seems necessary for their very survival. This is a subconscious process so the addicted person is often completely unaware. This is why the addicted person’s behavior can become so erratic. Moreover, addiction grips everyone in the family and holds them as emotional hostages. Therefore, getting the addicted person treatment as soon as possible will begin to provide relief for everyone involved. Substance use is a symptom of a deeper level of pain. These underlying causes must be addressed. Above all, the alcohol and drug addiction treatment program you choose will have a very big impact on their chances of recovery.

When you contact us for a phone consultation we will do our utmost to ensure you or your loved one gets the best help for their personal situation, even if it is not with us.

We believe strongly in doing the right thing. Pacific Interventions addiction treatment program counsellor can provide you with a wealth of information during the free phone consultation. Call now to see how we can help you out of this painful cycle.

Jeremy Bisson
Jeremy Bisson
The team at pacific interventions was extremely helpful. The addiction treatment program that they developed was exactly what I needed. Vince was able to help me change my perspective on my self and others. This outpatient program I would recommend highly.
Stephanie McKay
Stephanie McKay
The entire team at Pacific Interventions were great. Their addiction treatment program gave me everything I need to be successful in recovery, and now it is up to me. Thank you very very much!
Teddy Singh
Teddy Singh
Jeff and his fantastic team helped me from day one of my journey. They set up an attainable program that was designed around me and my family wanted. They helped me select a suitable recovery centre based on years of experience and many of the employees working with many centres. Jeff and his team created an amazing after care program around AA and 1 on 1 counselling. They also including a boxing program which helped build my self worth. I have tried to get sober many times before. No program was like the one Jeff and his team out together for me. I am forever grateful that I used Pacific intervention and I will also hold Jeff and his team dearly to me. To anyone who needs help, this is the very best option for you. Thank you Jeff and everyone at pacific interventions
Sean Clark
Sean Clark
I have been to 5 treatment centres over the past 7 year and participated in both inpatient and outpatient programs, some of which cost as much as $20,000 per month. Pacific Intervention was the very first time in that 7 years where I felt like someone actually cared and understood me and what I've gone through. This team, from the doctor to the counselling staff went above and beyond. They even helped my family begin to overcome their enabling behaviour and put strong boundaries in place to support me standing on my own two feet. Personal responsibility was something I always tried to avoid. It surprised me that by taking small steps to empower myself I could actually raise my self-esteem. I don't want to say I have my old life back, because after completing this program, and for the very first time ever I feel like I am a much more whole person who has a chance at a real and fulfilling life. Therefore, I cannot say enough, Jeff and his team have the highest level of care and commitment to their client that you will ever find anywhere. Believe me! I was everywhere
Crystal Badgley
Crystal Badgley
For anyone struggling with addiction, or for friends/family who are worried about a loved one who is struggling, please strongly consider reaching out to Pacific Interventions. If it weren't for Jeff and his incredible team, I would not be where I am today - and for that, I cannot express nearly enough gratitude. When I had my consultation with Jeff, I was completely falling apart mentally & physically - at my wit's end of struggling with addiction, and desperate for someone to help me. Jeff kindly took me under his wing and armed me with everything I needed to successfully beat this demon once and for all, and provided me the tools I need to ensure I never fall back into that terrifying, dark hole ever again. Today I am proud to say I am over 30 days sober. My health (physically and mentally) has improved substantially, my lifestyle is finally healthy and wholesome, and most importantly, I can eagerly look forward to the future with a genuine smile - something that I truly thought I could never achieve. Jeff's approach to helping his clients is truly above and beyond. He will take the time to get to know and understand you before constructing an individual plan based on his clients' needs, fears, challenges and goals - there is no 'copy/paste plan', as they respect that everyone is different and therefore require different strategies; there simply is no 'one size fits all'. He is an extremely humble, compassionate and empowering counselor with a heart of pure gold. His number one goal is to witness the progress in his clients, observe as they learn and grow, and to see them graduate the program finally free from addiction, happy, successful & thriving in their sobriety. Jeff constantly challenged me to be the best version of myself that I could be. He would encourage and reassure me that I CAN when I found myself stuck wrongly thinking that I CAN'T. He boosted my confidence and self-esteem, restored my self-worth, helped to change my way of thinking from negative to positive, provided exceptional support through every obstacle, and helped me to finally find my own strength and faith in my recovery. Pacific Interventions not only changed my life, but saved my life. I can now wake up excited for the days, months and many years ahead of me, and experience life in ways I never could before - and finally wholeheartedly enjoy it, as well. Thank you Jeff, I am forever grateful that I found you and Pacific Interventions. And for those who are thinking about getting help, you deserve the best treatment and support. I highly recommend considering Pacific Interventions.
Chris Burwash
Chris Burwash
Excellent service. Jeff Has dedicated his life to helping men and woman struggling with addiction! Definitely recommend!
Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson
Had a great experience with them!
Tanya Lonsdale
Tanya Lonsdale
Had an amazing experience with Pacific Interventions, Very knowledgeable, felt safe and secure with the service provided. Highly recommended!
Kenny Bamford
Kenny Bamford
This place literally changed my life. I recommend for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

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