What is an Intervention


What is an Intervention?

family intervention

An intervention is a bridge between alcohol or drug addiction and treatment. An intervention helps the individual make a connection between their use of alcohol or drugs and the problem they have caused.

The goal of an intervention is for them to accept the help they need and embrace the path of treatment and recovery. The family education and training aspect of the intervention is crucial. It is designed to provide the tools and strategies that will support the ongoing recovery process for all those involved.

Seeking the guidance of a professional Interventionist can dramatically affect the overall success of the intervention and increase the likelihood of your loved one accepting treatment.

We Will Be There to Guide You Every Step of The Way

It can be hard to approach an addict about their problem. They can get defensive, refuse to talk about it, or even completely deny their addiction. Behavioural scientists created the intervention process as way for loved ones to bind together and confront an addict. In some cases an intervention is as much for the family as it is for the addict. The family needs relief from the stress they’ve endured as a result of their loved one’s addiction, and also know that they have done everything possible to help the addicted family member to recover.

The Interventionist will make a comprehensive assessment of the addicted person. The Interventionist will also counsel the family on the nature of addiction and the resulting biopsychosocial impact. They will advise family members or employers on how to care for the addicted person and recommend a treatment path.

A drug addiction intervention is a proven process that saves lives. A trained and experienced Interventionist will assist your family member or employee into the appropriate level of treatment. All of our staff are governed by the CACCF (Click Here For More Info)

Often family members, friends or business associates do not know what level of treatment is necessary. An Intervention Specialist will consult and collaborate with families or businesses using information from each unique situation in order to recommend the appropriate level of treatment required.


If you have an emergency, contact your local hospital or dial 911 immediately