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Addiction Counselling Services Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

It All Starts With A Call

Vancouver addiction counseling session

This process of engaging our Addiction Counselling Services in Vancouver usually starts with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. Once the decision has been made to move forward with the drug counselling service, follow up with in-person meetings will take place, allowing us to obtain the necessary details and acquire an overview of your needs, and forming the outline of the plan of recovery for your alcohol & drug addiction counselling.  Our services and others can be found at Psychology Today!

Drug & Alcohol Interventions

There are 2 basic types of Intervention approaches; Confrontational and Non-Confrontational. Most intervention professionals will use a confrontational approach. This approach may be appropriate in extreme circumstances, especially when someone’s life is at imminent risk due to their substance-use, however, if possible, we’d like to go with an easier and softer way to ensure buy-in.

For a lot of individuals, the confrontational approach just doesn’t work. You might get the individual into treatment, but once there, they become angry and bitter and don’t engage because of the way they’ve been backed into a corner. People who are forced to participate and less likely to participate willingly.  This resistance can lead to a barrier between our drug counsellors.

We don’t want the treatment process being unsuccessful, because aside from costing thousands of dollars, we don’t want to be back in this situation all over again. We’ll ensure you find your feet by providing guidance and drug counselling services the entire way through if necessary.

Detoxification is Incuded in our Addiction Counselling Services Vancouver

For serious health and safety reasons associated with withdrawal, it is important to have an addicted individual take part in our detoxification support services. We provide different options for withdrawal management, from inpatient to outpatient depending on the severity of the alcohol or drug dependency. Please note, a detoxification process only address the physical dependency and not the underlying biological, psychological and social factors of alcohol & drug addiction.  Thus, through our addiction counsellor services, we will address the above issues.

Addiction Treatment Program

We create a personalized addiction treatment program for every client. For a very long time and still to a very large degree, addiction recovery programs have a particular philosophy they follow. Everyone coming in to the treatment program is made to conform to their approach. As you can imagine, this style works for some, about 25%, and the other 75% who are not suited to these methods are told things like “you won’t make it”, or “you aren’t trying hard enough”. This more often than not leaves the client feeling defeated and compounds their frustration, which then leads to more resistance. These types of experiences can cause people to give up on treatment all together and never want to try it again. Given the deadly nature of addiction, this outcomes must be avoided at all costs.

What sets us apart in this process is how our drug counselling practitioners see each client as an unique individual. We introduce each client to a variety of addiction treatment modalities. Allowing them to choose for themselves which approach or combinations of approaches is best suited to their personality. Giving the client’s a say in their treatment direction empowers them to make healthy decision. This empowerment leads to feeling of self-confidence and aids in the development of their self-esteem. Addiction plays a destructive role in breaking people down, but it’s our responsibility as treatment providers to build them up. We take that responsibility very seriously because we know how important it is in the healing process.  Our drug counsellors approach each individual with an empathetic and eclectic stance, ensuring the addicted person can receive the best methods and quality service available.

Recovery Coaching Porvided by Our Drug Counsellors

Recovery Coaching supports the alcohol & drug addiction rehab aftercare plan. Drug Counselling Services are a vital part of the Vancouver program. Our team provides critical ongoing professional guidance and direction while the addicted individual develops their independence.  Our drug counsellors walk side by side with each individual and can deal with any existential crisis that may arise.

Family Program Led by Our Addiction Counsellors Througout Vancouver

Our recovery solutions are not only intended to support the addicted individual’s recovery but the entire family as well.  Our addiction counselling services practitioners throughout Vancouver are qualified and trained to treat the entire circle of loved ones. Drug counselling is not just for the addicted person, but also can be helpful for families and loved ones.  Alcohol & drug addiction is emotionally draining for everyone involved, and this emotional impact often leads the family to adapt some unhealthy and destructive patterns also. This can cause the family to inadvertently develop some unhelpful behaviours, like disengaging, nagging, pleading or even threatening, but these strategies can unintentionally reinforce the using response for your loved one. Therefore, getting a deeper understanding of addiction and learning effective alternatives to helping your loved one is what our family program is designed to do.


What methods do addiction counsellors use?

It is important to know that what works for one person may not work for another.  Thus, addiction counselling can consist of numerous methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Community Reinforcement Approach, Solution Focused Therapy, Client Centred Counselling, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Multi-dimensional Family Therapy, and Sytemic Therapy.  Pacific Interventions addiction counsellors all utilize an eclectic approach and develop the specific methods once an initial assessment has been done.

How much does addiction counselling cost?

Addiction Counselling will range from $100-$250 per session depending on number of people per session and any additional assessments that may be involved.  These sessions usually last 45-50 minutes, alotting time for case management and client tracking notes.

Does the family or loved ones of an addicted individual need counselling?

Addiction is a considered a family disease, as it affects people who are closely connected to that individual.  Most drug rehab programs around have left out the family as far as helping them heal as well.  Most family members or loved ones have spent time and effort trying to help the addicted person with not much luck.  More than often there is symptoms of codendancy, such as money lending, limited or no healthy boundaries, and enabling to name a few.  From what we have found is that counselling and educating all those involved with a Family Program is proven to leave better communication and healthy behaviours for all.


If you have an emergency, contact your local hospital or dial 911 immediately