Outpatient Addiction Treatment


Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Get Help With No Significant Disruption To Your Life. Outpatient Addiction Treatment.

Pacific Interventions outpatient addiction treatment program is an effective alternative to inpatient treatment for clients who just can’t walk away from their lives.

We come to you

We bring our outpatient addiction treatment services to you. Our confidential outpatient addiction treatment program may be the exact alternative treatment approach you or your loved one has been looking for. We create a treatment plan that will build your recovery stability in the community in which you live. This addiction treatment plan is specifically tailored to your needs. Our clinical team is committed to providing you with the best evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment therapy. This therapy is available in your home, our office or wherever is most convenient for you.

“An essential aspect of this program is the fact that our clients can maintain their lives while getting the outpatient addiction treatment they need to recover.”
– Jeffery Norell

Keep your Job. Stay with your Family. Heal and Grow.

Addiction Doctor

Depending on the substance and amount being used it is critical to have medical support to manage all withdrawal risks. We will ensure you have adequate medical support and that there is a safe withdrawal management plan in place. In addition, accessing medical treatment can provide options for medication-assisted therapies, such as Suboxone, Disulfiram, and Naltrexone. Medication-assisted therapy is not for everyone, however, in the early stages, it can go a long way towards creating the necessary stability to move forward with the other aspects of the outpatient addiction treatment program.

Addiction Counselling

Our certified addiction counsellors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping you develop practical solutions to the manifestations of addiction. The addiction counsellor’s role is to assist you in identifying and solving difficult patterns of behavior and re-framing the thought processes that lead to these patterns. This will be done by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an essential part of the outpatient addiction treatment program. With these therapies, you will be able to manage your triggers, urges, and cravings to avoid the use of drugs or alcohol.

The addiction counsellor will also assist you in creating a balanced lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes connecting to therapeutic community-based organizations such as SMART Recovery, 12 Step Fellowships, and healthy recreation communities like gyms, yoga, sports, etc.

The addiction counsellor is the one who helps put action into action orientated psychotherapy.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Along with addiction comes many deep-rooted psychological disturbances; inevitably, these disturbances lead to the destructive patterns of drug and alcohol abuse. These difficulties can stem from a variety of causes, such as trauma, abuse, grief, despair, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, these types of challenges require a specialized level of skill and care to overcome. That is precisely where the Registered Clinical Counsellor comes in. Their ability to gently guide you through a process of discovery and healing allows for the decompression of built-up psychological pressure. This release of pressure often opens life up to a new perspective and a sense of hope for the future.

Freedom from addiction is possible when you receive the proper care.

Case Supervision

Jeffery Norell supervises each case. He will oversee your Outpatient Addiction Treatment.

We have helped 100’s of individuals face down the exact thing you are going through. You may be feeling nervous and scared, and your life may be going in a direction you don’t want, but all is not lost.

This outpatient addiction treatment program is ready to be implemented, and with it your life can take on a whole new meaning and direction.


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