Aftercare Services


Aftercare Treatment Services

There is a significant gap between post-treatment and independence. This leaves the individual in a vulnerable position with limited resources and a limited understanding of how to build a life of sobriety.  Aftercare treatment services are crucial to long-term sobriety.  Relapse prevention skills when implemented will ensure our clients are focussed on staying sober.

The type and quality of after-care skills the recovering addict receives plays a major role in whether or not the individual remains sober. It is our mission to provide every individual with the right aftercare approach that will allow for the greatest chance of success.

Family Help and Education

Aftercare programs are designed not only to help the individual but also to provide education and support for the family members as well. The team at Pacific Interventions provides constant support and feedback for all involved.

Therefore, referrals for family members are often made to community-based recourses such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, or alternative strategies such as the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement And Family Training) approach. Addiction causes instability, therefore there needs to be a precise path to re-establish stability within the family.  Teaching our relapse prevention methods to our clients, in turn, transfers to the entire group of loved ones that are involved in a persons recovery process.

An Open Conversation

After a recovering addict returns from treatment, there will be many questions and concerns. Many of these questions do not get answered through and inpatient program, whereas an outpatient program encompasses all these factors in the drug rehab program.  New habits, coping mechanisms and re-building relationships will be at the forefront. We strive to ensure a safe environment for all those who have concerns with this process and provide a platform for them to be expressed. Recovery is a long process, communication and support will play a huge role in the aftercare treatment services and transfer into an on-going aftercare process.

Recovery Program Options

Everyone goes through the healing process differently, Pacific offers many different recovery paths, depending on the individual. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are just a few. With our customized approach, we identify the specific needs of the individual for his/her recovery. These programs allow for guidance, structure and accountability in one’s recovery, and each of them has something different to offer. These after care services, such as addiction counselling services for an example, give the recovering addict an opportunity to connect with large therapeutic communities and peer support.

Post Treatment Transition

aftercare treatment house

The transition from an inpatient treatment facility to re-integrating into your life can be a daunting task, our program provides aftercare treatment services for transitional housing, allowing individuals to gradually re-build their life. Living with others who have gone through similar experiences allows the individual to have continued support with safety and security from a potential relapse, which allows clients that are focussed on staying sober to always have that support available to them.

Bridging the Gap - After Care Treatment Services

There are many underlying factors which cause addiction, Pacific Interventions recognizes that there needs to be a bridge between mental health and addiction. We want the individual to succeed after their initial entry into recovery, our aftercare treatment services and Recovery Coaching, are aimed to ensure all aspects of the individual’s health are considered. The best possible aftercare outcome is through working with not only Pacific Interventions, but other health care and recovery professionals, which are implemented into the relapse prevention methods.

AfterCare FAQ'S

How long is aftercare?

Depending on which outpatient program you have chosen will determine the initial length of aftercare support.  You may contact us for furthur assistance if you feel you need the support.  The more support you can have early on in recovery the better.  We also can provide aftercare support if you have already completed an inpatient treatment program.

Why is aftercare important in recovery?

Post treatment is the most common times for a person to relapse.  The transition from an addiction treatment facility to the outside world becomes very stressful.  Being equipped with a Recovery Coach or Addiction Counsellor is will allow the transition to be easier to handle.  Pacific Interventions provides yo with the necessary tools to tackle daily tasks and stay on your recovery path.

What is an aftercare session?

Aftercare sessions can range from a counselling session to a trip to the gym.  Aftercare is designed to give you the knowledge in relapse prevention.   Once you have sat down and developed your aftercare plan, you will be guided by the Recovery Coach or Addiction Counsellor as you begin your post-treatment action plan.  The sessions you decide will be a collaborate effort between you and the coach or counsellor.


If you have an emergency, contact your local hospital or dial 911 immediately