Get Sober By Staying Connected

Get Sober by Staying Connected

Connection Theory!

The Connection Theory has a special place in my recovery from substance use.  Addiction creates a disconnect from family, friends, loved ones, and our own reality.  Every time that I attempted recovery it was because I could not handle the emotional distance from people.  Hence why Johann Hari’s Ted Talk explains this theory.  Getting sober by being connected to our environment and loved ones is crucial.  Johann Hari Connection Theory Ted Talk

Opioid Use and Connection!

The opioid pandemic has killed and affected millions of people.  This is the new reality about opioid use and does not appear to be slowing down.  With BC leading the death toll, action is needed now for anyone using opioids and street drugs.  “Opioids are naturally occurring brain chemicals—that cause pleasurable sensations in the body and encourage us to enjoy whatever we are experiencing.  Opioid use decreases our ability to connect with others.  Drug Addiction, Social Connection Reference

How to Get Connected!

A question commonly asked is “how can I connect to my loved one who is actively using substances?”  The emotional stress that this creates requires an intervention of some kind.  Loving and supporting a loved one entrenched in addiction is the most difficult process anyone can go through.  Having been on both sides of this equation, being able to stay present in my daily life was next to impossible. Therefore I needed to seek out help not only for my addiction, but for my ability to support one afflicted by addiction.

man facing woman with hands together getting connected

Getting sober by staying connected is a vital part of recovery from substance use.  Everyone is suffering in one way or another.  Therefore everyone needs to find a way to reach out and re-connect.  In doing so you get your life back, your loved one back, and yourself back.  However this is the most difficult step for all.  Nonetheless, it will be the most rewarding.


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