Lost your job due to addiction?

Lost your job due to addiction?

What to Know about Addiction and your Job.

lost job due to addiction

If you have lost your job due to addiction to drugs or alcohol there is something you should know.  Missing shifts, poor performance, or a number of other substance use disorder behaviours can affect your job.  These addiction behaviours creep into all areas of our lives.  Jobs are a major part of your day.  We can try to keep these secrets but eventually our world comes crashing down.  There are things you can do if you have lost your job to addiction.

What to do when you lose your job due to addiction!

The first thing, you must not deny what the true problem is to your employer. A substance use disorder is a recognized illness.  Therefore if you come clean about having an addiction disorder there are labour standards and human rights protections to assist you in getting your job back.  Many people have just accepted their termination.  Make sure you are making the right decisions.  Connect with people who can help if you have lost your job due to addiction.

Nurse Loses her Job due to Addiction!

One case example is when a nurse was terminated for stealing medications from the hospital in which she worked. This case went to arbitration and the arbitrator reinstated the nurse’s employment.  The arbitrator stated that the nurse stealing medications was a “manifestation” of her addiction disorder.  Therefore not grounds for termination. This example clarifies that some behavioural manifestations of a substance use disorder are not grounds for dismissal.

What to do to Keep your Job before Addiction Destroys it!

As long as the individual has admitted they have this condition and are willing to seek treatment. If you deny the existence of an alcohol or drug problem then the employer is legally within their rights to terminate your employment.  Just like other situations, when addiction is causing problems in life areas, admitting there is a problem is the first move towards a solution, and the second is to seek help.

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