Get Sober During the Holidays


Where to Get Sober During the Holidays?

An excruciating time of year is always the holiday season.  During this time there is always an influx of people going into Recovery Homes, Treatment Centres, and Outpatient Treatment/Counseling programs.  Getting sober during the holidays is a hyper emotional time.  The families want nothing more than for their loved one to get sober.  On the other hand, most addicts want nothing more than to be with their families during this time.  The communication between the two parties will highly benefit from a neutral mediator to help guide this life changing time.

Addiction During the Holidays!

Unfortunately, a major reason people use is because we cannot handle the emotional turmoil inside.  This from my experience can create a need to increase addictive behaviours.  An ongoing cycle of self-defeating behaviours to drown out the pain.  When in reality all I ever wanted was feel the love and joy of my family.  Again, the guilt and shame that I would feel if I was not sober created a darkness inside that I would wish upon nobody.  Having a neutral, safe place to be at, allowed me to take the family visits in small increments.  Addiction is always a thought away, and without a solid backup plan that thought can easily take over.

Recovery During the holidays!

Having had many sober holidays with my family, I am very aware of what I need to do to ensure my sobriety.  I am in regular contact with other members of  12 Step Fellowships and various recovery methods. I have an internal dialogue that I have been taught through Counseling.  Responding to negative self-talk instead of reacting.  From an Existential  point I have taken back control of me.  I have removed labels and approach recovery in a humanistic way.  This does not mean that I do not engage in 12 step fellowship, or do not attend recovery meetings.  I was taught early in my recovery that open-mindedness was essential.  Throughout my recovery journey I continue to be able to try new philosophies and methods, adding what fits for my recovery.

Best Gift for the Holidays!

Many people active in substance use are in financial worry.  Not being able to purchase a gift for their child or loved one seems like a failure as a human being.  When working with clients, this is always one of the most common struggles.  When in fact they are asked if the role was reversed and they are asked what they would want for a gift?  The response is always 100 percent of the time, “I would want them safe and sober.”  So, reach out and get the help you deserve.  Nobody deserves to be stuck in addiction and feel alone during the holidays.  This does not mean we need to invite active substance use into our homes, but it does mean that there is a solution to recover from addiction during the holidays.  Contact Now

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