Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement

Here for You

Pacific Interventions Alcohol Drug Abuse Mission Statement is to provide our clients and their loved ones with the ability to overcome the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Aligning our commitment to helping with proven evidence-based intervention and treatment strategies we aim to bring forth the best possible opportunity for success and recovery.

Pacific Interventions Mission Statement is driven by “Our Desire to Provide Every Client with The Necessary Recovery Tools and Therapy They Need to Build a Life Free from Addiction.”

Drawing on a holistic framework and taking into account all intervention and treatment methodologies, we bridge the gap between the problem and the solution. Utilizing an integrity-driven and empathetic style we provide a precise path to recovery.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

We know first hand how destructive alcoholism and drug addiction can be on the family. So it is our purpose to make available the best information, resources, and treatment options. Every client has the chance to achieve freedom from addiction and experience ongoing recovery.  Our alcohol & drug abuse mission statement is backed by highly skilled professionals.  You are our priority!  No one should ever be alone when facing the horrors of addiction.  You are worth it!


If you have an emergency, contact your local hospital or dial 911 immediately