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Benzodiazepines: The Fentanyl Killer

Fentanyl has swept the world becoming the number one killer of people. The more information on benzodiazepines and fentanyl addiction information you have, the safer you will be. Unfortunately, Benzodiazepines have become the Fentanyl killer.  Gone are the days of knowing what you are putting into your body.  Todays street drugs are increasingly becoming more and more of a Russian Roulette game.  The withdrawal from Fentanyl is one of the most uncomfortable events a person can experience.  Now add in Benzodiazepines and the withdrawal is ten fold.  This recent article highlights the dangers of said withdrawal and dangers: Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Info

The Benzo-Blackout

Common effects from benzodiazepine laced Fentanyl is an ongoing in and out of conciousness.   Having experienced benzo-blackouts first hand, they can be extremely dangerous.  When a person enters this phase, they can appear coherent, but when confronted later, have no recollection of what went on for hours and even days at a time.  Such an event not only puts the user at risk, but places innocent lives at risk also.

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Information on Benzodiazepine-Fentanyl Use

According to the B.C. Coroner’s Service, “there has been a substantial increase in benzodiazepines detected in illicit drug toxicity deaths, from 15% in July 2020 to 60% in May 2021.”  It would be safe to say that if you are using fentanyl, you are also using benzodiazepines.  The reason for such an increase is the fact that benzos are a cheap buffer for fentanyl.  Fentanyl is so lethal in very small doses that a buffer is needed.  What once was caffeine or anti-histamines is now a variety of cheap benzos.  Not only does this benefit the dealers, the user experiences a heightened euphoria.

Get your drugs tested

With so many unknowns in todays street drugs, getting your drugs tested is now even more important.  Overdose rates drastically decrease when services such as Insight are used.  This Vancouver based addiction service centre is open to the public.  There are also many sights with benzodiazepines and fentanyl addiction information like it around British Columbia.  Click Here For a List of Services including drug testing

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Getting Help with Benzodiazepine & Fentanyl Addiction

Drug addiction recovery is never an easy road.  Obtaining drugs in Vancouver is as easy as walking out your front door.  Fortunately, there are many services throughout the Vancouver area available as well.  Deciding on where to start and what to do can be overwhelming.  Therefore, reaching out to your local addiction services centre for help with drug and alcohol addiction is recommended.  Whether it is an intervention or withdrawal management neededrecovery from addiction does not need to be done alone.  

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