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Meet our Greater Vancouver based Certified Addiction and Intervention Specialists. Drug and alcohol Interventionists that are ready to give you everything they’ve got to make sure you don’t have to face this alone anymore.  Complete substance abuse help backed by proven methods.  Jeffery and Vince provide immediate drug intervention and addiction services throughout the Vancouver area and stand ready to guide you to where you need to go. With offices in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and Langley, we are able to provide same day service if needed to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, White Rock, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope.  Working with our other Intervention specialists, we serve all of British Columbia, Calgary Alberta and surrounding areas, reaching out Canada wide. Choosing the certified addiction and intervention specialists can be difficult. Call today for a free consultation.  Search Interventionists Here

This is what our certified addiction and  drug intervention specialists do!

The initial phone consultation will help to identify which drug intervention specialist will be the best fit for the intervention treatment plan.  There are different types of drug interventions which is why all of our treatment programs involve a personalized treatment plan.

Individualized Intervention Treatment Plan

The drug intervention specialist will gather the information needed.  Starting with drug and alcohol abuse history.  Also gathering information on the family background and specific details that will be pertinent to the Intervention Treatment Plan.  Our interventionists will work closely with the family members involved in the intervention to develop the best course of action to take.  This means that not only the one struggling with drug addiction will receive guidance, but so too will the family members who are also struggling with pain, anxiety, worry, and hopelessness.

The Certified Drug Addiction Intervention Specialist will then set up the in-person meeting.  Whether you are local or are in another province, our specialist will be of immediate assistance to provide the care needed in this sometimes-small window of opportunity. From here we will decide on the best drug rehab program suited for the individual.  This may be outpatient treatment or possible inpatient treatment.

Interventionist-Jeffery Norell - family counselling, drug Interventionist, Addiction Treatment Specialist, C.C.A.C.
Jeffery Norell C.C.A.C.

Jeffery is a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (C.C.A.C.) and has worked in the alcohol and drug addiction treatment field for 15+ years dedicating his life to substance abuse help.  In addition to his education and clinical experience Jeffery has also been on the other side of the equation. He has battled his own drug addiction and his family hired an  drug interventionist for him, so he understands exactly what it feels like to be trapped by alcohol and drug addiction. This personal experience gives him a unique insight which allows him to connect with clients through empathy and a well rounded clinical approach.  If you are needing drug intervention, we can help.  All our staff are certified addiction & intervention specialists.

Vince Pirozzi

Vince is a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (C.C.A.C.). He has made a career out of helping others escape the exact predicament that he once found himself in. He is a responsible member of the 12-step community and regularly mentors men who are new to recovery circles.  Vince has helped hundreds of families in need of a drug intervention.  He also has extensive education and training in the application of Evidence-Based treatment approaches, such as CBT and DBT. Vince’s greatest reward is witnessing the amazing transformation when a client has worked closely with our certified addiction and interventions specialist, received the substance abuse help they needed, and  shifts from despair and hopelessness into a meaningful life of recovery.

Vince Pirozzi - Certified Addiction Counsellor, drug interventionist, substance abuse help
addiction counsellor, interventionist, robyn tsonis
Robyn Tsonis

Robyn is a certified addiction counsellor.   She has dedicated her work to helping people who struggle with mental health and substance abuse.  Along with her addiction counselling background, she has honed her skills to specialize in truama and attachment.  Most people who struggle with addiction have experienced some form of trauma.  Her ability to dive deeper into her clients history and implement a scientifically proven method of healing has been a great asset Pacific Interventions, but more importantly, to our clients that we help.  Having a female addiction counsellor option is exactly what some of our clients need.

Calen Ebbels

After completing the Counselling Skills Program at VCC, Calen Ebbels has been working in the field of addictions recovery for over 5 years.  Calen is an experienced addictions counsellor, group facilitator, and life coach.  When he came into recovery 6 years ago he decided to pursue a vocation in the helping field. Through his education and lived experience he works from a trauma informed lens. Calen has adopted an integrated person-centred approach which is versatile in helping people find a practical solution to their substance use issues.


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