Family Counselling for Addiction Recovery


Private Family Counselling

The Family Counselling For Addiction Recovery Program Is A Proactive Way Forward

Your loved has just entered an addiction treatment center or an outpatient rehab program and you want to know how to support their recovery. Our family counselling for addiction recovery program was created to heal the emotional destruction caused by addiction. This private service is tailored specifically to your family’s challenges. Whether you are a spouse, a parent, or a sibling of someone addicted to alcohol or drug this program will strengthen family bonds and connections. In addition this program will provide insights into the nature of the addiction. Family member will learn about how they can help to stabilize their loved one’s recovery once they return home. Addiction leaves lingering emotional damage and this damage weakens relationships. Trusting, strong, loving and caring relationship help support addiction recovery. This type of connection or lack of connection does have an effect on relapse rates.

When someone is addicted to alcohol or drug addiction the rest of the family can find themselves at a loss for effective ways to help and be of support. In an effort to help some family members can inadvertently be reinforcing  the addicted person’s destructive patterns. We are not here to blame or point fingers, but these type of ineffective strategies must be addressed and adjusted. If this type of pattern continues once your loved one has completed and addiction treatment program it could increase the chances of a relapse. Your loved one has made positive steps in address their addiction.

Family Counselling for Addiction Recovery Can Help with The Emotional Rollercoaster

They have started changing their thoughts and behaviors in an effort to recovery. This is a very emotional and difficult process to go through. Your loved one is taking on the responsibility for changing their behavior. Addiction is often referred to as a “family disease”, so it would only stand to reason that family members take responsibility for making changes as well. Again this isn’t to lay blame for addiction on family members. Relationships can often be difficult to balance, especially when addiction is involved. If one side of the relationship is making changes and the other side is staying, an imbalance is created. The good news is that once family members learn and develop more functional relationship building techniques. Once families implement these strategies they don’t want to go back to the way things were.

Our approach is based on a CRAFT Model (Community Reinforcement and Family Training). This is a proven psychologically based curriculum designed to repair tension and rebuild relationships. You’ll learn about how addiction has affected the family. With a functional guideline to follow you’ll be able to set healthy boundaries, communicate more effectively, move towards forgiveness, and start rebuilding trust.

Living with addiction has created difficulties for everyone. However, now there is an opportunity for the family to come together and make a real difference in the addicted person’s recovery. Your family’s relationship to the addicted person has deep bonds and connections. These family bonds and connections which have been damaged by addiction can be repaired and utilized to help support their recovery.

In the convenience of your home, via Zoom or in our office the family counsellor will help you begin the process of healing and reestablishing your family’s balance. You will be given help to understand the complex nature of addiction and all of the ways it manifests itself in denial, in simple easy to understand terms. With this information the family will then begin a process of exploring personal relationships to seek out specific areas of concern. Once identified these concern are addressed with evidence-based problem solving techniques. When your private family program sessions are completed you will have a new understanding and outlook on how to be an effective support system for your addicted loved one, and you entire family will moving towards stability and balance.

 The opposite of alcohol and drug addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.

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Our private family program uses evidence-based approaches that work, so you will see results.

Financial Impact

Addiction puts a huge drain on family finances. A resent study shows every $1 spent on treatment saves a family $12 on addiction related expenses.

Addiction Specialist

Jeffery Norell - family counselling Interventionist, Addiction Treatment Specialist, C.C.A.C.
Jeffery Norell

As a man who has overcome his own demons Jeffery Norell has dedicated his life to helping others. The Founder & CEO of Pacific Interventions puts everything he has towards delivering results for your family. A modern-day addiction specialist, Jeffery integrates the best evidence-based addiction treatment practices. Drawing on his lengthy counselling career and personal experience he will offer you the best insight and guidance possible.

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The Basics

Our entire course is based around the premise that by coming together, your family will not only be positioned to help your afflicted loved one, but they themselves will be able to lead happier more peaceful lives. Addiction is a family disease. Therefore, it takes the entire family to heal. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be worth it? Yes.

family counselling for addiction recovery
Benefits Of Our Private Family Program
  • Professional Guidance & Direction
  • Phone & Video Support
  • Convenient in Home Services
  • Thorough Understanding of Addiction
  • Communication Strategies
  • Closer Relationships
  • Stability & Safety
  • Healthy Lifestyle Balance for Everyone
  • Established healthy Boundaries
  • Ability to Identify & Resolve Conflict
  • Reunited Family

Nothing we had done up until this program had worked, I think we needed someone that would cut to the chase, explain our predicament, and rally everyone behind our common cause. Jeff listened to us, but he was willing to tell us the truth, regardless of how hard it was to hear. Finally, our family can work together because we understand that we can be part of the solution.

G. Sanchez

Created to utilize the often-overlooked capacity of family’s to positively impact a loved one’s addiction recovery. The private family counselling for addiction recovery program goes beneath the surface to find those difficulties in family relationship that need to be resolved. This will support everyone’s well-being. Addiction creates complicated problems which leads to conflict and division. Our family counselling program will help you to create healthy, strong and connected relationships.


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